iTerm2 is brilliant

I can’t stand any other Terminal-emulators now, to be honest…

Mine favourite features it has (among others):

  • quake-like window is a niftie: it’s easy to call/hide terminal (terminals since it allows for Tabs as well)
  • autocomplete is a huge time saver. This is primarily the reason I’m not feeling comfortable with any other Terminals now

    As well as:

  • paste history

Also with iTerm2 I can have Alt-B working (with auto-repeats even) instead of inserting pseudo-graphics bullshit as it’s the case with Terminal and it’s hell lota faster than clicking Esc-B. Ah, since ergonomics isn’t just an empty sound to me I have re-mapped with iTerm2 itself right [alt] key to be right [Ctrl] instead (Macbooks lack of it, alas). Now I can do short-cuts like Control_C/Z/A/S/Q w/o a need to crook my left hand.